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    Poor Linux...

    So it seems nobody ever posts in this forum. Linux doesn't get a whole lot of attention so I'll give it some!

    First, Linux support for games on Steam is rapidly growing. There are obviously games out there which are and always will be Windows only games (some games supported by Microsoft studios come to mind). Some are too old for the developers to work on porting from DirectX to OpenGL, and so on...

    In any case, here is my list. It's modest but definitely growing! Not every game in the list is stellar and some I have yet to even try. But the list is growing and my GTX 650 Ti handles them quite nicely at 1920x1080, even on high/very high settings.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Second, my company just ordered this laptop for me:


    If you're not familiar with System76, they ship Ubuntu on all of their computers. I have been wanting to support them for a while but always found their laptops to be too bulky and ugly. The new Galago appears to be an exception and I can't wait to actually have a portable laptop at work again (0.75 inches and 3.8 pounds)! My current laptop is a 17" brick from Dell. The thing literally weighs like 9 pounds, and I don't usually bother traveling with it or hauling it to meetings around the office. Not to mention the battery life is terrible.

    The Galago has the latest Haswell chip from Intel and I even got some better upgrades than I even asked for! Ultimately they ordered it with the following:

    - 16GB of RAM
    - 256GB SSD
    - 1TB HDD
    - Intel 6235 wireless (the default 2230 only supports 2.4GHz signals while the 6235 also supports 5GHz)
    - extra AC adapter
    - 3 year warranty (not that I care but the copmany wanted it)

    I've also got the Logitech MK710 bundle coming my way and some adapters for HDMI and mini display so I can hook up to my dual 24" monitors at my desk. Can't wait to play with my new toy!

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    That's cool I've been looking for a place that does nix preloaded that isn't dell or junky.
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