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    Rom is being uploaded as we speak!

    ECLIPTIC SENSE (Full Sense 4, from the One S)

    This Rom is based on the One S Leak, initially ported to the Desire S, then to the Desire HD and now to you, the Incredible 2 Community!

    Thanks to Quinny899 and Team ICESense for their hard work in re-sizing the port APK's, providing the Base for us to work with and the Permissions to Port this to our Device!
    To see the DHD Version of this Rom, check here: http://bit.ly/MUnvpg

    This is a Full Sense Rom, not the Lite Version as seen everywhere else. There's still some resizing to do and a few other details to clean up, but this Release is fully functional, clean and DEFINITELY a Daily Driver! PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!

    Initial Port: MacroDroid
    Cleanup, Fixes and just about everything else: Hawksnest

    Thanks to Everyone that pitched in on this, including all the Testers that helped us get the Release! And especially Porkrind for the Cool Boot Animation! Thanks!

    I'd also like to thank Newt and Mik for teaching me everthing i know thanks alot guys - Hawk

    And thanks to nitsuj17 for the help. And files I've used

    Also thanks to Pneuma for letting us use the ICS themed Mik App (just make Sure you put it on Dark Theme)

    Thank you to Virtuous for VTS and the ability to resize stuff now!!

    There are some bugs, know that we're working on them ...

    Some resizing of apps is needed and a few other things

    Camera isn't working at the moment
    (I have been using Ics Camera from the market)


    On RC-1 the in call Volume isnt working - I think i know the fix

    This has been a Team effort Between Myself and Macrodroid so make sure to hit his Thanks button

    Now To the good Stuff, Like Macro said prepare to be amazed!!



    So quite a bit has been fixed in this release .....

    We haven't figured out the facebook Issue yet (Will Make A flashable fix - And Friendstream Works)

    Fixed Gallery Sizing
    Fixed Browser Downloads
    Fixed In call Volume
    Fixed Bluetooth Audio - Working with beats too
    Changed a couple Icons
    And some others That im forgetting

    Download Link


    Ecliptic Sense RC-3

    Fixed Bouncing Lockring
    Fixed FaceBook rendering issues
    Added Volume +
    Added 4ext Recovery Updater
    A few build.prop Changes
    Deleted Un-Needed files


    Sorry guys ringtones and UI sounds got left out of the Rom flash this in recovery after flashing the rom


    You will Still need to flash the Camera Fix in post 2

    Sorry Guys UOT Kitchen didnt like the system UI so battery increments are in 10% - Sorry this will Eventually be fixed


    K guys here it is the long awaited Revamped

    Its not really where i wanted it to be but once it is there will be an update patch ... I figured i needed to get it out so i can have help finding things... There is a camera fix in the works i wanted to add to the update but no time .. so still flash the update in post 2

    Also BIG thanks to Newt , CoreDroid and Mik for the MikSuite Tools

    Newt - For the use of the customized CDST

    CoreDroid - For developing the Tweaks

    Mik - For help when I had questions regarding smali.

    There has been so many Changes to this thing I'm going to call Revamped an initial release!

    Enjoy - More to come


    Initial boot is a little slow and can be up to 7-10 minutes


    Changelog to come later I'm burnt out at the moment

    We still need the cam fix from post two sorry guys let it boot once then flash


    Forgot Personalize app ... Flash zip after boot


    Revamped v3.0

    Added and fixed so much I don't remember

    But I did get Coredroid suite tools ported with the latest version 2.9
    Tons of tweaks thank you to the Coredroid team and Aamikam for helping with a few of the tweaks

    Enjoy guys its been A LOT of time and work


    We still need the Cam fix from post 2
    But no others needed

    Donation Hall of Fame.....although not expected there very much appriciated
    Last edited by Hawknest; 08-25-2012 at 11:26 AM.

    Keeps Me motivated and the Wife happy lol

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    S-Voice - Flash in recovery


    Camcorder Sound Fix - Thank you Nik and Nitsuj17

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    Keeps Me motivated and the Wife happy lol

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    And again

    Keeps Me motivated and the Wife happy lol

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    Just so everyone knows what the Differences are between this version and the Lite version, I'll run down some of the Highlights here:

    ** Full 3D Cube Effect in Apps (If you drag your finger across the bottom Tabs bar the screen will rotate in a cube effect to each tab item)
    ** New RECENT APPS drawer... Long Press the Home Button and you will get a 3D Page by Page review of your recent apps
    ** Interactive World Clock App... You can Pinch-Zoom the Globe, Rotate, etc...
    ** A Lot more than that! Test Drive it and Compare it with your favorite Sense 4a Rom and see how different this is!

    Once I got a solid boot from the initial port, I literally felt like a Kid in a candy store with this (and the initial port wasn't anywhere near where it is now!)! This Rom is absolutely AMAZING, it should come with EVERY HTC Device, IMO!

    We hope that this Rom presents something unique and valuable to the Mik Community! I hope we've achieved that today! Enjoy the toys, everyone! Thanks for the all your support!!!
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    Rom History

    Ok, to prevent any and ALL confusion regarding this Rom... Please don't get me wrong here, I mean absolutely NO disrespect, but the OP is strictly for MY source... What others did for them belongs in THEIR OP, IMO...

    1st - Here's the PM I sent Quinny899 and Team ICESense requesting PERMISSION to port THEIR PORT:

    Attachment 8997

    In the OP, their Team and the XDA Thread Link is Posted, directing others who want to know more about the port to go there and see...

    Others that helped with this Rom are listed in the threads that pertain to who they helped. If anyone is curious about who has worked this project through to this point, I strongly urge them to follow the links through and see for yourself.

    A) DHD OP

    Back to the Futureal
    (Great Scott!)

    Based on the amazing port of the One S rom to the Desire S over here:
    (BIG thanks to
    trapacska for that)
    Resized apps are from Pyr-o-ice Futureal (hence the name), which can be found over here (BIG thanks to tbalden):

    What works?
    It boots
    Most HTC apps (some aren't resized)
    GSM/3G + Calls
    Audio (Speaker, Headphones) + beats
    Soft keys
    Full sense multitasking

    What doesn't work?

    Camera (Needs 3.0 kernel)
    Some non-resized apps
    A few graphic errors here and there
    Wireless Hotspot


    Mostly bug fixes
    Added Quick Settings and full sense 4 multitasking, BIG THANKS TO nitsuj17 FOR THAT
    Updated base
    Full wipe is not required, but is recommended

    Fixed music lockscreen
    Re-added full Rosie + 3D widgets
    Updated base
    Fixed Bluetooth audio - CREDIT TO TEAM BLACKOUT FOR THAT

    Calls fixed
    Bluetooth fixed
    USB fixed
    FM fixed
    New base
    Reverted to lite Rosie launcher until a better resized version is finished

    Initial release

    B) Desire S OP

    Hey guys!

    I successfully ported Full Sense 4 (from One S) and i must say, it is IN-CRE-DI-BLY FAST.

    -bugs because of the resolution

    If anybody can help me to fix resolution problem, please give me info.

    If anyone feels disrespected or left out because of this port, my apologies as it was not intended, however it's not my responsibility to list others sources, only mine.

    If anyone wants me to credit the One S guys who created this Rom, please look up HTC's employee list and find the right people responsible, because I just don't know...

    Yes, this whole credit thing has me a bit PO'd and I'm sorry if it feels like I'm coming off as an Ass... This should satisfy all, if it doesn't then I suggest therapy, cause I'm not posting anything else about it!
    Last edited by macrodroid; 06-30-2012 at 11:51 AM. Reason: History of the Exclipse Rom to make the XDA people happy!

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    Just in case...lol
    You are all condemned men. We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well and live.

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    Locked fellas, as per hawks request. Let me know when you want me to open it up. Or you could just leave it closed and open a chitchat thread.

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