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    Apr 2011

    [Rom] Newts One S *RLS 2.0.1* Live!!! (Sense 4.1 ICS 4.0.4) 10/27/2012[Daily Driver]

    I want to say Thanks to TMartin and to bsharp8, who donated the device... without them this would not be possible for you guys so show them some love....

    Suite Tools
    Busybox support
    initd support
    batt calibration
    sd read ahead
    removed crosshairs
    Epst support
    Landscape rosie
    advanced power menu
    Ext 4 tweaks
    Lots of skins sense 4 and 4.5 (thanks to Mcluvndroid)
    Lots of Music settings Beats, dobly, SRS and EQ
    Sprint Visual Voicemail
    Extended Quick Settings
    Full Sprint UI
    set gpu rendering by default

    RLS to do list....
    1* add Wimax
    2* add 3D cam and gallery
    3* im sure ill think of something


    **RLS 2.0.1
    New Base 2.13.651.1 710RD (EVO LTE)
    Sense 4.1
    ICS 4.0.4
    3.0.16 kernel
    Extended Quick Settings
    Huge music EQ
    Suite Tools
    Smoothness tweaks by me
    Alot of features!!!

    Initial Release of new base


    Rebased on Evo LTE & Ville S
    Stock Ics leak kernel
    All apps repacked and zipaligned for better ram
    Png's optimized
    New advance power menu
    Extended quick settings
    Fully working bluetooth
    Sprint UI
    Sprint roaming enabled
    Sprint music plus
    Fully working sprint VVM
    Fully working Epst (System Updates)
    Sony bravia engine
    Fully working beats
    12 Eq settings for music(SRS, Dolby, rock, etc)
    Mms conection settings unlocked( for cricket and others)
    Fully working Fm radio
    6 signal bars
    11 diff Skins
    Google and htc nav
    Ext 4 tweaks
    Ram tweaks
    Init.d support
    super fast gps lock
    duel cores enabled and scale like they should
    1% Battery mod
    Volume +
    Battery Calibration
    Sd card read ahead
    animation tweaks
    Custom mik bootanimation
    all the other stock goodies

    im sure theres more guys i can never remember eveything but as far as i know everything works.... ill add more as i remember them. rom will be up in a couple days testers will get it today

    **RC 3*8
    Remomved some junk
    Fixed video playback
    Added Evo lte bootanimation/ and downanmation
    changed default settings to all sprint
    Added Evo lte Wallpapers
    Fixed Face unlock
    Added Bravia engine
    Added xloud
    Added 4EXT updater
    Added more build prop tweaks

    small update but worht the flash

    **RC2 + RC2.1**
    Added htc stock ICS kernel
    Fixed Stock Usb mount to PC
    Fixed data connection issues
    Fixed no Wifi on boot
    Fixed Camera
    Fixed video streaming
    Fixed issue with music player and gallery
    Fixed lag
    Fixed animations (Thanks to Joelz for this)
    Updated binaries from VM leak
    Upadted libs from VM leak
    Fixed sound cfg files
    Fixed build prop errors
    Enabled GPU acceleration by default
    Upped VM limits
    turned of checkin services
    Added custom media profiles
    Fixed ramdisc so it works with old firmaware

    im sure theres more im forgetting but its a start

    *Added my custom speed tweaks ( you will notice trust me )
    *switched to chads RLS4
    *Fixed errors in Ram
    *Fix USB mount to pc (thanks twisted for his advice)
    *Fixed adb on boot
    *Removed CM Brightness mod
    *Removed annoying 3 dot menu
    *rebuilt and repackaged all apks
    *Fixed Gps intermitten connection
    *partialy fixed camera(wip )
    *Fixed face unlock
    *Fixed bluetooth media(headset still dont work it hasnt been fixed for any of the ports even the ones with leaks)
    *Fixed all skins not changing images ( big thanks to mcluvn for his help)
    *Added custom Newtron skin by mcluvn
    *Fixed animations
    *Fixed Market issues
    *Fixed Epst (when the menu pops up itll be blank, but tap the top for "veiw mode" and the bottom for "edit mode"
    *Fixed Sprint Visual Voice Mail
    *Fixed voicemail config
    *Fixed MMS
    *Added dropbox in by default
    *Added Google Play
    *Added Added CM DSPManager
    *Added lower brightness values
    *Raised VM settings
    *Enabled auto install non market apps
    *Enabled all sound effects
    *Added all sprint servers by default
    *Removed all the extra keyboard langs
    *Added ultra smooth rosie tweak by default

    ** i know there is more i did but i cant remember it all right now ill add them as i remember**

    *BSharp* for making it all possible by donating the phone
    *Tmartin* for data connection
    *chad* for awesome kernel
    *Cappychimp* for base rom
    *J4n87* for tweaks
    *twisted* for usb fix


    1)"My script is setup to wipe everything so make a backup of anything on internal sd you dont want to lose
    2)I am not responsible for any loss or damage to your phone if you flash this rom
    3)the kernel im using does not work well with the animations in sense 4 tmartin says chad is working on another fix for this so it won be long hopefully... so until then when you first boot you need to go straight to settings and turn off animations or the screen will freeze constantly....
    4)if you are s off all you will have to do is wipe and install the rom... if your s on from htc-dev you will need to flash the boot.img after the rom... ill post it with the rom for those who need it
    5)this build was kinda rushed and by no means my best work but its a start i wanted you guys to be able to enjoy it alittle while we work on fixes and such, so post bugs here and preferably in my bug thread on the mikmik so i dont have to read a million pages to see one bug
    6)directions for flashing boot in fastboot for those who need them
    **Installation instructions for rom**
    -download rom
    -copy to sd
    -reboot to recovery
    -wipe data, system, and dalvik
    -Flash rom
    **Installation of boot.img**
    -download boot.img
    -copy to pc to your fastboot directory
    -cd to the directory
    -type these commands
    -"fastboot flash boot boot.img"
    also there are other ways to flash the bootimg its up to you how you do it
    reboot and enjoy






    If your S-ON pull boot.img from rom zip and flash it in bootloader
    Last edited by newtoroot; 10-27-2012 at 07:20 PM.

    TEAM MiK


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    Thanks downloading now

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    Scottsdale, AZ
    Thank you for the outstanding initial release, data works is all I need for daily. Looking forward to this release creating some excitement in the MikMik 3D forum.

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    Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
    Thank you so much

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    Thanks, gonna try this one out for sure. Where you at in Indiana? I'm up around Chesterton, nice to see another Hoosier

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    Apr 2011
    Newts on a war path to port sense 4.0 to every device. Hahaha. Good job as always.

    Check out Bad Seeds Work HERE!!

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    chad.goodman (05-13-2012)
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    So what's the patch? I'm pretty late to the game and need to know exactly what file to flash. Storyy again but its Friday and I've been drinking lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linsalata28 View Post
    So what's the patch? I'm pretty late to the game and need to know exactly what file to flash. Storyy again but its Friday and I've been drinking lol.
    You need to flash the ROM file first (Newts_One_S_signed.zip) and then install the patch (NeWts_OnE_S_Patch.zip).

    From what I gather the patch fixed GPS, Badge for the Mail Application, Title for Maps Application Shortcut.

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    What programs do I need exactly, and How do I do this exactly? Sorry I'am new to this.

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    Thanks. Does 4G work?

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