• Android 4.4 Announced as Android KitKat

    According to Sundar Pichai's (head of Android) Google+ page, the latest Android version will be version 4.4 and named Android KitKat. Apparently the rumors of Key Lime Pie weren't incorrect, they just decided to change the name after realizing that "very few people actually know the taste of a key lime pie." No money is changing hands, but there is some sort of agreement with Nestle for the rights to use the Kit Kat name.

    There is already a page up on the Android site going through the Android release history as well as a signup form for more information. Also, the new statue is already up on the Google campus, as seen here.

    I'm sure more informaton will be coming in the following days and weeks. Stay tuned!
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    1. vampir4997's Avatar
      vampir4997 -
      I read on some "other website" there will be a contest with kitkats to win a nexus 7 or a google play credit also. Free stuff is always nice:-)