• Clarification from HTC Regarding Custom ROMs and RUUs

    Recently, there has been some commotion about HTC taking down a site containing RUUs. Some have wondered what it means for the development community and HTC's overall philosophy about custom ROMs and the like. For what it's worth, HTC has decided to clarify its stance in a blog post on their site.

    According to the post, HTC only objected to the site because it used HTC trademarks without a license and made it seem as though the site was an official HTC site. It claims that HTC "openly embraces" the development community and recognizes them as being "valuable to the overall health of the Android ecosystem".

    While some may still be hesitant, it's at least a show of good faith. Granted, actions speak louder than words (ahem, source code...), but at least it's better than ignoring the situation.

    Source: HTC Blog
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    1. nick1313's Avatar
      nick1313 -
      That's kind of what I figured the issue was, however their delivery wasn't very good. At least they said something about it, I just hope that the damage hasn't already be done and is not able to be undone.

      ps. Give us the source code!!!
    1. jadeboy7's Avatar
      jadeboy7 -
      Yeah, if you read the comments on the post, people are still not happy. Then again, some people will never be happy, no matter what they say. I just hope they mean it and it isn't just PR being PR.

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    1. nick1313's Avatar
      nick1313 -
      Agreed. In the end, I still think the devs will be devs and will still put stuff out. But, DAMN, HTC has to make it real hard to do anything.
    1. papafrog's Avatar
      papafrog -
      Any new news?