• HTC Evo 4G LTE To Get Jelly Bean Update

    HTC Evo 4G LTE Jelly Bean OTA
    Earlier today Sprint released the highly anticipated Jelly Bean update to the general public.
    Below is the full is changelog for Android 4.1, software version 3.15.651.16:

    • Upgrade to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
    • HTC Sense 4+
    • Improved camera capabilities and gallery
    • HTC Get Started Support - the HTC Get Started website lets customers set up their new smartphone from their home computer
    • Wi-Fi Authentication improvement
    • Personalized ringtone issue fixed
    • Hyperlinks routing to phone app from calendar description issue fixed
    • Calendar improvement

    If you not rooted or still using a 100% stock ROM you can grab the OTA by going to Settings>System updates>HTC Software Update>Check now to pull it.
    Here is also a link to the OTA zip file that i pulled out of my device: OTA_JEWEL_CL_JB_45_S_Sprint_WWE_3.15.651.16-2.13.651.1_release_299358.zip - 396.8 Mb

    I am unlocked via HTCDev.com and i did NOT lose my unlocked hboot after applying the OTA, keep in mind i was on 100% Odex stock rom when i did so though.

    Please don't forget that it is always best to wait for developers to update their ROMs with the new system instead of you guys doing it yourselves and risking losing data or worse!
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