• The Droid DNA To Get Its First MikROM

    CODIS - Droid DNA Landscape Rosie
    After a lot of hard work and great collaboration, Chingy51o and newtoroot give us the 1st ROM for the HTC Droid DNA on theMikMik, CODIS. This is the initial release for CODIS and at the moment it is mostly stock with extras that you can pick form while flashing the ROM through Aroma installer.
    Thanks to Mcluvn, this ROM also includes an exclusive custom skin made specially for this ROM.

    The new ROM includes:
    • Aroma installer v2.56
    • Debloated of all verizon apps & more
    • HTC Quick Launch Widget (aroma)
    • Sense 4+ Flashlight
    • HTC FM Radio & Widget (aroma) (Not working yet but will be fixed soon)
    • HTC Task Manager
    • HTC FriendStream widget (the friend stream app does not currently work but the widget works perfectly)
    • HTC Locations & widgets (aroma)
    • Landscape Rosie support
    • Menu support for Rosie
    • Auto-brightness mod (aroma)
    • Lapota's camera mod (aroma)
    • Disabled GPS crosshairs from status bar
    • Advanced Power Menu
    • All apps showing in app drawer
    • Disabled ongoing wifi notification
    • Disabled signature check
    • Removed default HTC skins and added Mcluvn's CODIS skin (default skins will be available as an add on)
    • Init.d support
    • Enabled buttons in settings: Settings -> Device -> Display, gestures & buttons
    • Unlimited alarms mod
    • Hidden legacy menu (3 dots)

    For a full list of features and change log the ROM can be found HERE
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