• Galaxy S IV With A Folding Screen?

    Samsung Galaxy S IV Folding Screen Concept
    Samsung Galaxy S IV with a folding screen sounds a little bit like a myth, but it seems that Samsung might have pulled it off.

    According to MyDrivers.com, a South Korean media report quoted a message from Samsung insiders, stating that the 1080p Super AMOLED display production process encountered some difficulties and that Samsung has yet to find a solution to the problem. Since this might result in a slightly later release of the upcoming Galaxy S IV, Samsung executives are willing to let the machine be equipped with a "folding screen".

    Yea guys are you reading it right, "folding screen". Not sure exactly how they are pulling that one off, but it does seem like a very cool feature.

    From my personal experience, the Samsung Galaxy S III has one of the most "easy to break the screens" I've seen (excluding the iPhone 4), so this without a doubt could solve that problem.

    Source: MyDrivers.com
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