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    theMikMik Forums app on Android Play Stre
    theMikMik Forums app, aka MikForums, just got updated to version 1.3.18.
    It's been a while since we saw an update for the site's branded app that is made by forumrunner. This time around the update was sent out directly from vBulletin and the change log includes a few new features and bug fixes such as:
    • Push notifications updated to use Google Cloud Messaging
    • A fix for the login bug affecting android 4.2 users
    • Other various bug fixes
    • More stable
    There isn't much of a noticeable difference from what i can tell so far, but it is worth the update.

    For anyone that purchased the donate ad free version of the app you can find the update on Google Play.
    For everyone else, the free version can also be found on Google Play or can be downloaded here: com.theMikMikForumFree.apk.
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    1. aamikam's Avatar
      aamikam -
      we just sent out the files to be updated on Google Play, please allow a couple of hours for the most recent version to show up since Google takes time until it publish the update.
      Feel free to grab the free version from the d/l link.