• Ineffabilis v1.4 for the HTC Rezound is out

    It's been a lil while since this rom saw an update. but, its finally here, and there are a few addons that made the wait worth it.

    Here is the quick change log:
    • Added Status Bar Color to Tweaks (Switch between 9 different statusbars on the fly - Thanks Mcluvn for the pngs)
    • New Disable Carousel Animation Tweak
    • Fixed the quick setting slider bars so they look normal
    • Added Radio Info the Wireless info & settings so you can easily turn on/off 4g
    • Added Super Bass Boost Equilizer to DSP Manager (Some of you may need to tweak it a bit to your liking but it definitely improves bass)
    • MikOptimized again.. Free ram should see huge improvements
    • Infrastructure when tethering now works - see here for more info
    • Updated busybox
    • Fixed some the scripts in system tweaks so they should work now. i didnt test all of them so if some dont work let me know
    • Changing fonts will not hot reboot your phone so it will be fully applied
    • Updated all apps (market, music, etc)
    For download links please go HERE
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