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  1. Powersave Options
  2. Little Things
  3. Camera freezes phone
  4. A couple of minor things.
  5. personalize sound sets
  6. Blue flicker
  7. SD Card Mounting/Unmounting
  8. Proximity Sensor Issue
  9. Bluetooth Call Distortion
  10. Text messages
  11. Possible fix for status bar cutting off
  12. External SD card unable to view files
  13. Graphics misaligned/wrong size in clock and calibration app
  14. Problem with OTA update
  15. Text Font Resizing after 10+ Days of Use
  16. WiFi Broken
  17. WiFi broken?
  18. battery drain then restore nand?
  19. Suite Tools won't open after FC
  20. Bluetooth gets stuck turning on
  21. Phone and Message Logs frequently take 1 minute to load?