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  1. [GUIDE]-[TUTORIAL] How to Root the EVO LTE
  2. Guides/Tutorials/How To's
  3. [GUIDE] - [TUTORIAL] How to Flash Custom Rom (TWRP)
  4. :Guide: Google Wallet and rooted devices
  5. [How To][DIY] Add animated gps, sync, and 100% battery to your rom/theme
  6. How to add any image to your notification dropdown. Remove status bar clock.
  7. Bad Seed's Updated Apktool! "How to setup APKTOOL and De-Recompile ICS apk's"
  8. [How To] Enable & Disable Safe mode on the EVO 4g LTE
  9. Change Carrier Banner and Increase Volume(QPST)
  10. [GUIDE] 4x5 Rosie for Sense 4 ICS
  11. S-ON 1.15 HBOOT Dev Unlocked flashing help for kernels, roms and recovery
  12. How to dev unlock and flash a rooted stock rom manually.
  13. how to get s off
  14. [GUIDE] Possible way to increase WiFi and other signal strengths
  15. How to Unroot 2.13 Firmware??
  16. [How-To][Bad Seed Customs][UPDATED 2/10/13] Make Skins Compatible with Inverted/Trans Roms
  17. [GUIDE] - [HOW-TO] Change home screen folders to transparent
  18. [GUIDE] - [HOW-TO] - [WIP] Remove Text from App Shortcuts
  19. JellyBean/unroot vs root/ROMS
  20. [GUIDE] - [HOW-TO] Enable Camera Shutter Sound
  21. How to change apk name for an m10 project
  22. [Resource][Guide][Root][ICS/JB]Unlock-Recovery-SuperSU for Evo 4G LTE
  23. MOD breakdown
  24. prl update
  25. [On The Fly PRL Change]PRL Changes With and Without a PC
  26. [Theming Tools/Guides][AIO Zip!!!][6/28/13][FINAL VERSION 1.6]
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