About theMikMik.com

Welcome to theMikMik!

Fun, Sharing, and Community are the three words that define the total user experience you can expect to find here at theMikMik. We are a collaborative community of Android open source developers, testers, graphic artists and users based on the principle of sharing for the common good. Our ultimate goal of helping each other make things happen is firmly rooted in the principles behind the Android Open Source Program. Unique and highly customized ROMs, graphically perfected themes and skillfully scripted mods with a personalized twist are the standards to which we endeavor to attain. We believe that a true community has variations in perceptions, appreciates those variations, relies upon them as a diversified cornerstone of collaboration and is not comprised of one guy “calling all the shots”. We, as a collective forum, look for teamwork, passionate development and good times, but also want to show developers respect and goodwill. The developers on this site are our backbone. As such, we do out best to reward them with a gesture of goodwill from the site profits. We're doing this to encourage sharing, reward developers for their collaborative-based contributions to the community and to help them on their way towards getting new devices for further development.

This community will always be a cornerstone of collaborative development. Here we develop for the love of Android, to share with the entire Android community and most importantly, for fun.